The Urban Suburban Dad….An Overdue Homage

It’s rather hard to believe Memorial Day Weekend is here along with the official kick off to summer.  It feels like just yesterday that we were buried under piles of snow, and it was freezing out.  Maybe because it WAS last week that it was still freezing out, but let’s hope Mother Nature is done playing games.  Where Memorial Day is all about BBQ’s and ideally spending time outdoors and with family and friends, it’s true meaning often escapes us all, which is to remember and honor all of those unsung heroes.

Now, I know that they say behind every great man is an even greater woman, so, it would suffice to say, standing by this Urban Suburban Mom, there is an Urban Suburban Dad.  I have been teased week after week by my adoring husband that most of my articles completely leave him, and all dads for that matter, out.  He also points out, OFTEN, that when I do mention him or other doting dads, it is often in a bit of a jest, the butt of a joke, or just plain complaining.  And although I always laugh and tell him, well, the column is the Urban Suburban MOM, I had to stop and really think, he is right.  So Urban Suburban Dads, this one is for you, and a huge HUGE thank you for being our unsung heroes every day.  We know we don’t often give you credit where it’s due, and at night, well, quite frankly we really ARE too tired and have headaches.  But nevertheless, we love you, we need you and at the end of it all, it will always come down to us.


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